If You Want It By Christmas...

This is a friendly reminder to Schlockers outside of the United States: the free shipping deal is running through the end of the year, but if you want to have your stuff in hand before Christmas, you need to act now. The latest we can ship stuff and be sure that it'll get to you before Christmas is Monday the 24th of November. Tuesday might be okay. Wednesday less so. After that the Thanksgiving holiday hits, and shipping from the US slows to a deluged crawl. I'm happy to see lots of first-time buyers from overseas picking up Schlock books. Shipping overseas costs about $40, which is pretty steep. By offering free shipping for purchases of $100 or more we're taking a pretty steep hit on profits, and you're getting a great deal. I wish we could afford to run this deal all the time, but it ends on the 31st of December. Head on over to the store and take advantage of us before we come to our senses.
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