I'll leave the lights on...

I'm taking a vacation, during which I will not have access to email, or even the web. As always, Schlock Mercenary will continue to update in my absence, and since I haven't had to touch the updates for a couple of weeks now, I don't anticipate problems. Or rather, I DO anticipate problems, and have plans for dealing with them, but I don't expect said problems to actually materialize. I'm only going to be gone for two days. Yeah, it's not much of a vacation, but at least I'm getting out of the house. In related news, I've got a massive pile of email needing responses. If you've emailed me in the last month and not heard back, I'll try to rectify that sometime next week. I really do intend to answer every email that crosses my desk -- even if all I'm saying is "thanks for the note, buh-bye." I'll be back online sometime Monday morning.
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