InsectPOD October: The Hopper Case Files

You need to read InsectPOD every day this month. You really, really do. InsectPOD is the Insect Picture Of the Day, and ordinarily it's just that: daily bug pix with commentary. This month, however, my friend David is writing a suspenseful gumshoe detective story using the pictures, and our hero is G.R. Hopper, private investigator. The first two days are posted, and this story is already worlds better than I thought it would be when Dave brought me on board to brainstorm. I'm hooked... you know, by those little tiny barbs certain predatory bugs hook you with just before they bite of your head. Start with The Case of the Missing Mayfly, Part I. Then read Part II. Then grab the RSS feed or bookmark and enjoy the next 29 days of story one crunchy, squirming bite at a time...
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