I've Got Five Days, You've got Two...

This is me, with a heating pad keeping my shoulder loose, earbuds and OCRemix keeping me focused, and one of a couple hundred Peteys emerging under my hand in the back of someone's book. Howard Sketches in Books - Nov 2007 This is me working on a different Petey, while I stare up at myself with a smile of encouragement from the facing page. Howard Sketches in Books - Nov 2007 You really have no idea how creepy that gets. I've got five days to finish these sketch editions. This evening I knocked down the last of the Peteys, all the Tagons, and about a third of the Breyas, for a running total of 840 out of 1,234. You've got until 8am my time Monday morning (-7 GMT) to pre-order a signed (but not sketched - that window closed almost two months ago) book for just $20 plus shipping. After that, the price goes up to $25, and your order will not ship until almost a week AFTER the pre-orders go out. Yeah, we're gonna be that tired. I'm not trying to be pushy or anything. I just don't want anybody to be emailing Sandra on Tuesday saying "PuhLEEEASE sneak my order into the stack? The deadline TOTALLY snuck up on me, and I had to wait until payday" and so forth. Sandra has a huge pile of orders that must be carefully sorted by shipping type, sketch request, number of books, etc. It's a three-day project, and if she doesn't do it right, somebody's order may get messed up. So... if you're planning to buy a book, stop putting it off already. This promises to be our biggest shipping event ever. We have over 2,000 books going out the door in the space of two days. Since each book weighs almost two pounds, and since packing material is not weightless, this means that the postman has at least four tons of outgoing mail* to pick up over the course of those two days. I hope he brings the big truck. (Note: If you really HAVE to get the package before Christmas, you shouldn't choose "Media Mail" as your shipping option. To our knowledge, the USPS treats Media Mail as "Space Available Mail," and during the holiday glut it gets pretty hit-and-miss. This is why it is so inexpensive.)

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