July 26, 2001

And now, the third-and-final part of my report on ComicCon International, 2001.

There were a lot of people there who were dressed funny. I saw stormtroopers, jedi, biker scouts, and rebel soldiers. I saw vampires, dryads, klingons, and post-apocalyptic mutant cyborgs. I even saw Seven-of-Nine, although the gal in the costume filled it a little too generously... I'd say she was at least 14 of 21.

Yours truly even put on a bit of a show. I wore my cat-eyes at the booth on Saturday for about four hours before my eyes got tired. These contact lenses were actually paid for (in part) by my company health plan because they are prescription lenses. Sadly, they don't correct my (minor) astigmatism, and the silk-screen on them is a minor irritant, so I can't wear them every day (I tell you this because I figured some of you out there would ask). They're still a lot of fun. I'm not sure whether they drew people to the booth, or scared folks away...

On Friday I wore my spiffy new Schlock Mercenary T-shirt. The shirt sales at the Con weren't bad (they could have been quite a bit worse), but I brought home more shirts than I hoped to. Still, this is good news for you. As promised, these go on sale this week at SchlockMart for $15US each. That price includes shipping and handling in the continental US. Eventually I'll figure out what to charge for shipping to Canada, the UK, Australia, and other places where I've confirmed the existence of a Schlock fan or two. If you're in one of these places, email me and we'll work something out.

As of right now I'm definitely planning on Comic Con International 2002. It's in August next year, and I'll be there with bells on (*note: Howard will be wearing no actual bells). Until then I'm digging back in to the strip proper, building my buffer, working my art a bit, and working on a dead-tree edition of Schlock Mercenary. Man, I love this...

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