LTUE Day One

The first day of LTUE proper was great. Sure, I was exhausted before it even began (insomnia... that's another story), but when it came time for my panels, I was able to put my game face on and deliver the goods. The 10:00 AM "Rockets and Robots" panel was an enjoyable discussion of some of the things that makes Science Fiction great. Following that, I hung out at my table and got some work done -- six rows (four days) pencilled. Hurray! At 2:00 PM I participated in Bob Defendi's RPG demo. I need to link to it, but I don't have the URL handy. Upshot -- LOTS of fun. He's developing a game setting that will be playable with at least three different licenses, including D20. At 4:00 we had a panel on comics and webcomics. I took a page from Dave Kellet and explained that "webcomics" are just "independent" or "indie" comics whose principal method of distribution is the internet. In all other aspects they're so similar as makes no difference at all. (I'm sure there are webcartoonists out there who are now bristling, and there are indie comic creators who are furious. They'll get over it.) At 7:00 PM I teamed up with Theresa Mather to teach a workshop on "Drawing Dragons." Her dragons are much prettier than mine, so I focused on teaching "dragon anatomy." At 8:00 I did a podcast of sorts for I found out about it at the last minute, which is why you folks weren't linked to it. I phoned Sandra and told her I'd be on, and she popped into #schlock_mercenary at, so there were at least two or three Schlockers listening in. I'm told that I sound exactly like I look, and that my voice is not deep enough. I'm back at the convention today, updating the blog over a VERY slow wireless connection. If you don't hear from me, that's because the packets got lost in the ether...
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