Merch suggestions?

Okay, I'm heads-down on book work, but no matter how fast I get this thing done, it's not going to be shippable to you until (*gasp*) AUGUST. In related news, we'll be cash-strapped starting sometime in June. This is okay. Ad revenue and other merchandise sales can pick up the slack during those months. Of critical importance, however, is the RIGHT merchandise. I've found a good color printer for shirts. The quality is top-notch, and even with multiple hot-water bleach washings the test image has only faded a tiny bit (and you'll be washing WITHOUT bleach in COLD water because you're not complete idiots, right?) But... heads-down on book work means less time for new merchandise creation, which in turn means recycling images wherever possible. Are you interested in Rule 37 white t-shirts? What about (drumroll...) Rule 37 white mouse-pads? The prices would be around $20 for the shirts (we might be able to get ringer tees for that price) and around $6.00 for mousepads. Are there other images you'd like to see on merchandise? Ideally, they'd be images you know I already have -- you know, like marker art from previous books, strip art, etc. Feel free to dump suggestions in the comments thread. We'll likely do a run of SOMETHING starting next week. The children are getting hungry...
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