Not my best work...

... but somebody posted it on eBay anyway. It is a drawing I did back in early 2002, when Keenspot PREMIUM (the all-caps was Chris Crosby's way of making it look special in print) debuted, and subscribers got free swag. I think I did maybe twenty or thirty sharpie-marker Schlocks, and it tickles me to see one of them on eBay. I know, some folks get bent out of shape when they see other people trafficking in the works of their hands. Me, I'm just happy knowing that somebody thinks there's a market. No, I don't make any money on this auction. No, I can't vouch for the seller. No, Schlock's eyes are NOT drawn correctly -- when he's facing left his near eye should be smaller than the far eye. But yes, I DID draw this... fifty-four months ago. It's like a piece of History made out of poop. Okay, now that I've disclaimed it correctly, here's the auction.
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