Still on Vacation, Painted a Troll

Here's a cute bundle of cuddly fun for you: The "Bridge Troll" from Privateer Press. I painted him up this weekend after using my new Dremel tool (yay, Christmas!) to clean some particularly rough flash and mold lines from him. fizzgigthetroll-1.jpg There are patches on this guy where my blending is just awesome. There are also patches where it looks like I was in a hurry to be done because I was getting bored. It's a good thing I'm doing this as a hobby. fizzgigthetroll-2.jpg If you feel so inclined, you can go rate him over at Cool Mini Or Not (note: Some content on that site is NSFW), where it turns out I'm ranked #2579 out of 5,492 artists. That's the 53rd percentile, which is pretty squarely "average." I've named this particular troll "Fizzgig," because his teeth remind me of a Henson creation from the movie The Dark Crystal. Unlike Henson's Fizzgig, however, this guy looks like he could actually USE all those teeth...

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