I've got three separate countdowns running. The auctions mentioned in the previous post come to an end midday Friday (at least on this side of the planet.) The DNS switch, in which Schlock Mercenary gets a face-lift and an infrastructure upgrade, happens a day later. You can preview it here, in the Sequential Grid staging area. I'm excited to be working with these guys, and I'll tell you more about my experience with them after we've gone live. Two months from now, sometime in mid-December, the current storyline will wrap with explosions, close-combat, assorted "other mayhem," and an after-action epilogue. That means I'll be writing and illustrating it for the next thirty days or so. It's already pretty asplodey here on my drawing table. And that's actually what I need to get back to -- my drawing table, where a monkey joke, a Wagner joke, and three different flavors of peril all share the same page.
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