Your book is in the mail...

We made record time on Thursday. I blame Sandra. She's a super-competent, incredibly organized slave-driver. Of course some of the blame needs to rest squarely on the burdened, whip-scarred shoulders of her loyal minions. Most of the folks who showed up had helped us with mailings before, and knew the drill. In the past we've started with the big blocks of "easy stuff": single book, domestic postage. As the day progresses and more volunteers arrive we plow through all of that, and then hit a speed-bump. "Special Handling" orders and more complex orders (two books, one t-shirt, a magnet set) are passed around, and Sandra can't pass them around fast enough to keep everybody busy. This time we started with the special orders and the complex stuff. By the time we had our full cadre of shippers-and-handlers (whom we fed and swagged out of the S&H portion of your purchase price) we were just getting to the big stacks of easy stuff, and things just FLEW. By 3:30 pm on Thursday all orders were in the back of a postal truck. It was a different postman this time. He stopped by at 10:00am to see what he was going to be picking up, and didn't believe me when I said "about 1200 packages." He was a believer by his first pickup at 12:45pm. Speaking of believers, thank you everybody for believing in us enough to send us money months in advance for a product you've only seen pictures of. I'm already hearing from people whose orders have arrived (and which have been received with joy.) I've also heard from some folks whose orders were received with a mixture of joy and confusion. Missing magnets, a defective book... that sort of thing. We'll shoulder full responsibility for making things right if your order does not arrive to your liking. Just email with your order number and a description of the problem. Note: It might take a day or two before you hear from us. A rhinoceros rhinovirus is currently trampling the cottage that houses our little cottage industry, and Sandra may be under the proverbial weather for another couple of days. I'm on the rebound... I think. A good night's sleep (aided by a mixture of acetaminophen and diphenhydramine citrate) will out the truth.
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