Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:
When are you going to create the 70 Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries Book?

I know this project is in high demand.  It is on my list of things to do, but it must be done right.  Before I can focus on this book, I need to get all of my archives into print.

I’m a cartoonist, can you critique my work and give me pointers?

Unfortunately I am too pressed for time to do critiques of individual work.  I can only supply general advice. Draw something every day. Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t draw.  You’ll keep getting better as long as you keep focusing on the things you’re not good at.  Plan to spend about a decade getting really, really good.  Not, that’s not the path I took.  I spent TWO decades learning HOW to get really good at things, and that let me jump-start the process when I started cartooning.  Also, I got lucky.  For further details and specifics on webcomics in particular, buy a copy of How to Make Webcomics by Kurtz, Straub, Kellet, and Guigar.  These guys know their stuff.

I'm a writer, can you critique my work and give me pointers?

Unfortunately you get almost the same answer as the cartoonists. I am too pressed for time to do critiques of individual work. I can only supply general advice. Write something every day. As you practice writing words the faults in your early words will become clear to you. The world is full of How To writing books. Find one (or several) that speaks to your genre and study it. Find a writer's group or join an online writing community. You likely won't find the perfect group on your first attempt, but you'll begin to make connections.  Plan to spend about a decade getting really, really good. You can also listen to Writing Excuses. We talk a lot about writing there.

Can I use Schlockiverse elements in my role playing game with my buddies?

Sure.  I’m glad to know that you want to play in my universe.

Can I partner with you to make a schlock based RPG/ card game/ video game that will be for sale or public distribution?

Sorry, no.  If I work with someone to create a game, even just for fun, it will create legal tangles for potential licensing deals in the future.

I want to buy advertising space on your website, how do I do that?

At the moment all our ad slots are contracted out through Googleads and Context Web. If you want to put your ad on Schlock Mercenary, you'll have to go through them. I managed our my ads for awhile and discovered that I was spending as much as an hour per day tinkering with ad code and answering email. Contracting with another company lets me get back to drawing comics.

I have a website, will you do a link exchange with me?

I do not barter links.  You are free to link me if you wish, but I will only link to sites whose content I truly enjoy.

I know this great webcomic, will you add it to your sidebar?

The comics in the sidebar are all comics that I read and enjoy.  The list is frequently out of date because I do not have time to tweak it often.  I do not have much time for reading comics.  I am too busy making them.

Will you draw a picture for me?  I’ll pay you.

Sorry, no.  I do not have time to do commissions.  I will sometimes do them at conventions, but that is the only time that I can do them.

Can I send you Fan Art?

Sure, but be aware that I am very slow about fan art updates.  With all the other things I have to do, this one frequently gets lost in the shuffle.

Where do I buy books to benefit you most?

I am happy if you buy books at all.  My books are available in your local gaming store anywhere in the world. You can have them ordered in and avoid shipping charges. If you buy directly from us we get more money and the books are signed, but you’ll have to pay shipping charges.  If you buy from Amazon, you can take advantage of their free shipping options.  The choice is really up to you.

I noticed a plot point and have a question about it, or I have observations to make about your characters.  Can you answer a few questions for me?

Discussions about Schlock Mercenary are really best held in any of the forums that can be found in the community link on the main page.  There you will find other folks who will happily discuss all the minutae you could wish.  I read the threads regularly and will wade in to clarify points as necessary.

I have a problem with an order or a question about an order.

Please email us right away with your order number.  Sandra will help you sort it out. (schlockmercenary at

Can you blog about the fundraiser for my friend/mother/cousin? They are in dire financial straits and could use the help.

Due to the high volume of requests for help that I get, I have to institute a policy of only blogging charity events to benefit people I know personally. Sometimes I will blog charity events to benefit reputable charitable organizations.  In both cases I can be confident that no scam is involved and that the donated money will actually reach the intended recipient.  If I do not know you or the charity in question, the answer has to be no.  Sorry.

I have a question that is not in this list, or I just want to thank you for the comic, can I email you?

Sure.  Hearing from fans is part of what keeps me going.  I try to answer fan mail promptly, but my schedule is frequently packed.  Don’t be surprised if it takes me awhile to respond.