Sunday June 26, 2005

Book 6: Resident Mad Scientist
Part V: Instant Replay


Narrator:Near the galactic core, aboard the P.D. Warship Parrot's Dead. . .
Petey:Welcome aboard, Captain. I see you made some new friends.
Captain Tagon:Petey, What happened?
Petey:It's a long story. Would you like -
Captain Kevyn:I happened.
Captain Tagon:I know that. You showed up with Pranger, and. . .
Captain Tagon:You're wearing my shirt. And Captain's Bolts.
Captain Tagon:And you're not blown in half anymore.
Captain Tagon:And you look. . . smug.
Captain Kevyn:I'm from the future.
Captain Kevyn:In my past you were killed in Phica's fortress. I became Captain in your place, and then Dark Matter Entities hijacked a F'Sherl-Ganni Zero-point energy generator at the galactic core and destroyed the entire galaxy.
Captain Kevyn:Fortunately, the galactic calamity made it possible for me to travel back in time, where we could do things a little differently.
Captain Tagon:Okay, that story may play with everybody else, but I know you better than that.
Captain Tagon:I know you did this just so you'd have a backup of yourself, so you could try out that antimatter grenade.
Captain Kevyn:Oooh! How'd it work?