Sunday June 11, 2006

Book 7: Emperor Pius Dei
Part VI: Long Arm of the Law


Narrator:The brig, in the forward blade of the Mercenary Warship Touch-and-Go. . .
Captain Tagon:Each cell is independently suspended, and is only accessible through a retractable docking clamp.
Captain Tagon:Once this "drawbridge" has been pulled back, the cell door only opens into hard vacuum.
Captain Tagon:The vacuum is kept fresh through a set of vents in the hull. If cells are breached, their pressure quickly drops all the way to zero.
Detective Fitzsimmons:It sounds very secure, Captain.
Detective Fitzsimmons:I'd be more enthusiastic if you weren't putting me into it.
Captain Tagon:Relax. We'll find a commercial transport and send you all home just as soon as we know we've evaded pursuit.
Captain Tagon:Your cells are comfortable, and you can even watch TV. Although not Reality TV. . . That appears to be gone now.
Detective Fitzsimmons:We know you had something to do with that, Captain.
Captain Tagon:That's nice. Good night, Detective.
TAG:Captain, you'd better get up here. The Popigai is calling.
Captain Tagon:Uh-oh. Did they track us through that anonymous relay?
TAG:Maybe. But right now they are tracking us visually.