Sunday January 27, 2008

Note: Emm's parents were indeed Orthodox Las Veganists, First Church of The King, Thankyouverymuch.
Book 9: The Body Politic
Part V: Collecting


Narrator:Kgalastan, 11th precinct detention, aboard the Battleplate Morokweng
Doctor Bunnigus:Theo, Honey? Would you like to get married?
Reverend Theo:Very much so. Is this some kind of a trick?
Admiral Emm:No trick. I will perform the ceremony. Now.
Admiral Emm:You said you wanted to get married. To her, correct?
Reverend Theo:Yes, but
Admiral Emm:And you want to marry him back?
Doctor Bunnigus:Yes.
Admiral Emm:Fine. You're married.
Admiral Emm:Per my authority as the Commander of this fleet, you are jointly incorporated under the New Uniform Revenue Reallocation Code, Chapters sixteen through forty-one-eleven, inclusive.
Admiral Emm:Sorry that was so quick, but my parents were Orthodox Las Veganists
Admiral Emm:The monitors in this cell will be off for the next twenty-two minutes. That's your honeymoon, if you want one.
Admiral Emm:I'll make sure the force-wall doesn't hit me on my way out.