I'm already in love with this new theme...

It's kind of a happy accident. In looking for a three-column theme, I found one that was kind of greenish. I replaced the default image with a starfield and planet of my own, and slapped the Schlock logo in one corner. Then I tweaked the greens in the rest of the theme to be "Schlock" colored. The happy accident occurred when I realized that the Schlock color was echoed in the nebula in my starfield. Suddenly the whole thing hung together nicely, in a shiny-yet-olive-drab way. So... the colors are right, but it also tells me what the most recent comment was, which means you can go back and reply to old posts, and I'll actually notice (email notification is off -- I get enough email these days.) So handy! Still don't know what I'm talking about? That's because you're reading the blog under the comic, as opposed to on its own page. Click here.
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