Your electronic copy of The Scrapyard of Insufferable Arrogance awaits...

Scrapyard of Insufferable Arrogance, the fifth volume of unabridged, uncurated Schlock Mercenary strips, is now available as a DRM-free PDF for just $8.00. This 170mb file delivers the pages of strips at a delightfully crisp resolution, ideal for tablets and computer screens, and includes everything the paper version includes except a place for me to sketch in the book. That means re-colored images, lots of neat margin art, and the "Hot Commodity" bonus story that helps explain where Schlock got his deep pockets. 

The first four Schlock Mercenary titles, The Tub of Happiness, The Teraport Wars, Under New Management, and The Blackness Between, are still available as DRM-free PDFs through Baen Books, and you can snag all four together for just $50. These, too, contain everything the print versions do, with the lone exception of a place for me to draw  picture for you.

If you signed up for the Schlock Mercenary Patreon at the Schlocktroops level, you got this news on Monday, and you also got a coupon! 

Here's a quick FAQ:

Q: Will you be doing more ebooks?
A: We plan to. Our schedule depends on how sales of this one go. 

Q: DRM-free? Are you crazy?
A: That's two questions. Here are two answers: Yes! No! Without wall-of-texting you, we don't believe that DRM is good for creators or publishers. The overwhelming majority of our readers want to read wherever it's convenient for them without worrying about passwords, cookies, or persistent connections. DRM-free PDFs provide this. 

Q: Aren't you worried that PDF sales will cannibalize sales of your print copies?
A: Well, there's overlap between the print market and the ebook market, but there's also a big chunk of the ebook market that we can't reach when we only have print versions out. It's our hope that this will more than make up for a few lost print sales.

Q: Is buying a PDF a good way for me to help support the comic?
A: You betcha. Absolutely. 

Q: What does "delightfully crisp" mean in numbers?
A: The comic images in the PDF are two-and-a-half times larger than the ones on the web -- 2000 pixels wide as opposed to 780.  

Q: Who blew up Sergeant Schlock?
A: I'm seeing that question a lot. I'd better make sure that it gets answered in the comic...