Howard's 2013 Appearance Schedule

This page isn't pretty, but it has all the information you need if you're hoping to catch up with me in the wild...

January 18-19: Hotay Yologast, Your Local Game Store, Matthews NC. Twenty-four hours of play-date, spread across two days. The public is welcome!

February 14-16: LTUE, Provo UT

April 27th: Writing For Charity, UVU campus, Orem, UT

May 10-11: LDStorymakers, Provo, UT

May 23-26: Phoenix Comic-Con, Phoenix (Booth 896, with Brandon Sanderson)

June 10-15: Writing Excuses seminars and retreat, Chattanooga TN. Registration is closed

June 27-28: AAEC Convention, Salt Lake City (probably just for a few of the events)

July 12-13: IWrite Network Workshop, Orem, UT (My presentation is on Friday. I don't know yet whether I'll be in attendance on Saturday.)

July 27: Jay Wake, Portland, OR (note: I'm not going to be attending Salt City Steamfest this weekend. Jay Wake can only happen once. Jay is a friend, and this may be the last event at which I'm able to spend any time with him.)

August 15-18: GenCon Indy, Indianapolis (Booth 1749, with Jim Zub and Tracy Hickman)

August 29-September 2: WorldCon 71/LonestarCon 3, San Antonio TX 

September 5-7: Salt Lake Comic-Con, Salt Lake City (I don't know whether or not I'll be exhibiting here, but I'll certainly be in attendance.)

October 18-20: Conjecture/Conchord, San Diego CA (Guest of Honor!)