Monday September 16, 2019
Book 20: Sergeant In Motion — Part I

FanX Typecast RPG Report: SO MUCH FUN

I don’t know if video exists¹ beyond this short clip from Brian McClellan’s phone, but for four hours on Thursday I role-played as a bard, while loosely interpreting the game on an overhead projector.

It was a blast. Odrak The Bard fails successive survival and constitution checks on his trip through the swamp. The berries were not supposed to go in his mouth, but they did.

It was also terrifying.

No preliminary sketches, no templates, no “undo” function—I drew on paper, with markers, and we put all the art up for quick sale, proceeds going to the UCASA charity. For just $2.00 audience members could grab one of my sketches AND drop a suggestion in the jar, assigning an action to an NPC named Gallant.

Gallant was a dog. I decided it would be fun if Gallant was that rare, hardy breed commonly known as a were-poodle. It was a risky decision, and during the course of the evening Gallant looked more and more like a demonic sheep².

None of the pictures of Gallant stayed on the table long enough for me to capture them with my phone. One particularly memorable sketch featured Gallant, airborne, urinating on the paladin’s sword. Per the audience’s suggestion, of course. That’s not a thing I’d just DRAW³.

The Typecast RPG Newsletter has lots of pictures in it, and will have many, many more as the game continues. Subscribe here!

¹ If you were there, and have video, send it to @TypecastRPG on Twitter or Instagram so we can share with the world.
² In the future I’ll be grabbing reference art for poodles AND sheep before starting, to make it easier to (HA!) tell the sheep from the fluffy, fluffy wolves.
³ Then again, I did draw a nude-but-for-boxers tiefling sprawled all come-hithery on a petal-dusted bed, so perhaps my standards for these things are lower than any of us thought.


Typecast Tonight, FanX on Thursday

It’s Tuesday again already? Let’s Do This.

At 9pm Eastern my friends and I will be  streaming our Gods of Vareon D&D game.  Dan Wells is our dungeon master. Brian McClellan, Mari Murdock, Charlie Holmberg, Ethan Sproat, and I are playing, respectively, the no-healing¹ Cleric, the no-prisoners Rogue, the no-romance Druid, the no-religion Paladin, and the no-fighting-please² Bard.

I’ll doing high-speed color sketches of in-game events, and new subscribers get to suggest targets for my pen, so if you’ve got an Amazon Prime account with unused Twitch subscriptions, this might be a good use for them!

Previous sessions are available on YouTube, but our giveaways (including some of those sketches) are reserved for the live audience.

Typecast Will Be At FanX

We’ll be at Salt Lake City FanX doing a one-shot adventure in Room 255 DEF from 5pm to 9pm on Thursday. I’ll be doing the in-game sketching thing during the show, and those sketches will be given away to audience members. For reals!

I’m not exhibiting at the show³, so if you’re in Salt Lake City for FanX this weekend, your only opportunity to catch up with me will be Thursday evening. And while I can’t promise you a live D&D sketch, I’ll definitely sign whatever merchandise you may have that needs my attention.

¹ This has proven inconvenient. My bard is now the party’s main healer. 
² My bard was pacifist-leaning before he realized he was also the combat medic. He now has even more reasons to try to talk his way out of a fight.
³ Regarding exhibiting at FanX: Sandra and I have tried several times to make it worth our while, but it’s just not. Four of our five least profitable shows in the last 10 years have been FanX/SLC Comic-Con, so as much as I’d love to have a presence there, my time is more pleasantly⁴ and profitably spent at home drawing comics.
⁴ Of course, if this Typecast thing is enough fun, and enough of a hit, Typecast might exhibit next year, and I’d definitely be there for that.


Discovery CONTACT: See Myke & Friends Hunt Aliens

My friend Myke Cole is on TV again, this time on the Discovery Channel’s CONTACT, in which he, Mike Livingston, Sarah Cruddas, Nick Karnaze, Kawa Mawlayee, and Paul Beban, go hunting for answers to the question “have extraterrestrials made contact with humankind?”

This show is a LOT of fun. I did some fan art after episode one (before Paul and Kawa were introduced) and while I don’t actually expect the crew to find aliens to autopsy, they’re doing a fine job of making the case for alien visitation VERY hard to refute.

If I have a complaint, it’s that the show isn’t giving enough time to the asking of properly skeptical questions. That might be a choice made in the editing bay, however, because in my personal interactions with Myke, and my online interactions with Mike and Sarah, I get the impression that they’re very critical thinkers.

Not the sorts of people to hunt flying saucers with butterfly nets. My caricature does them a terrible disservice.

CONTACT airs on Wednesday nights on the Discovery Channel, and is available to cable subscribers for streaming on Discovery Go.