Sunday February 15, 2004

Book 4: The Blackness Between
Part V: Backstabbing on the Fast Track


Narrator:The fight on the Serial Peacemaker is all but over. It went poorly for the boarders.
Tagon:Boarders, drop your weapons!
Tagon:You've already lost! One of your platoons has no armor or weapons, and your commander has been taken captive!
Jaksmouth:My men know better than to yield just to save my skin. You may hold me hostage, but they hold your ship hostage. Let's see some monkey smash, boys!
Narrator:Meanwhile, there's something of a struggle going on aboard the frigate Sarasota.
Breya:Haban, smash the maraca. It's useless to us now, and it's still dangerous.
Breya:No offense.
Ennesby:None taken.
Ennesby:Speaking of taken... you've been taken.
Haban II:Yeah, I wasn't able to hack your ship nodes. That's going to prove expensive, but it's hardly fatal.
Ennesby:That's not what I was talking about.That gear you let me bring aboard just invited a terapedo onto your bridge.
Ennesby:And that terapedo just teraported with Admiral Breya, who is a lot more valuable than you or your ship are.No offense.
Tagon:Will your men negotiate for this hostage, Colonel Jaksmouth?
Bert:Oh man. No more monkey smash.