Thursday February 10, 2005
Book 6: Resident Mad Scientist
Part IV: Old Habits Die Hard


Elf:Can I ask a question?
Gavclones:Go ahead, Miss.
Elf:If your probes don't see anything before you lose 'em, wouldn't that mean that what kills 'em is moving faster than light?
Elf:I mean, the light's comin', but before it gets there, BAM! This border-thingy hits the probe and it's all shrapnel and sparks.
Gavclones:Ah, the "Faster-than-light border-thingy bam!" theory. . . riiight.
Kevyn:Before you continue your obligatory mock, I'd like to point out that this lady can very aptly demonstrate "bam-with-shrapnel and sparks," and is not known for her restraint.
Elf:There's lots of him. Who'd miss this one?