Sunday July 2, 2006

Book 7: Emperor Pius Dei
Part VI: Long Arm of the Law


Narrator:Fifty-eight minutes and six seconds remain of the recess. . .
Captain Tagon:Okay, Massey. We've got less than an hour. What's the plan?
Massey:We need to figure out what the Government's game is here. I think the U.N.S. is trying to frame us for the HTRN job.
Captain Tagon:Does that matter? We did the HTRN job. We just didn't do it the way they're saying we did.
Massey:The evidence we planted doesn't point at us, but theirs does. But the only "motive" link they've got is the short-selling, and I don't see how they could have found out about that.
Ennesby:We couldn't have been the only ones short-selling that day.
Massey:Good point. Get on that.
Captain Tagon:Get on what? I don't understand.
Massey:Motive. Our motive was profit, obviously. But if we're being framed, then somebody else out there also has a motive. Maybe they were short-selling too.
Massey:But the timing is wrong. Or rather, the timing is perfect.
Captain Tagon:What's -
Massey:Just listen, okay?
Massey:Motive aside. . . They have a strong case without the help of our fake evidence. Therefore they must have planted their fake evidence in advance, which means they may have known we were coming.
Captain Tagon:Can we use the evidence we planted to show that their evidence is also fake?
Massey:We'll just confess to the crime, and then we can't be framed.
Captain Tagon:Oka. . . Wait. That's sarcasm, right?