Wednesday May 29, 2019
Book 19: A Function of Firepower — Part IV


ADMIRAL DEVEREAUX:  Hold on...are we really in such a hurry that it makes sense to fire on Teraport Denial Facilities?  We have at least four hours before the light reaches populated areas, and almost fifty hours before the particle front arrives.

PETEY: Orbits are degrading, and there is still a planet-sized warship to contend with.

ADMIRAL DEVEREAUX:  Those are slow-moving problems.

PETEY:  These people watch the news, Admiral.  Via hypernet.

DESCENSION COMMODORE:  Panic moves at the speed of information

(NB:  Iafa is the right color but wrong shape.  Descension Fleet Admiral is the right shape but wrong color [light green]. I decided this was another Oafan officer, logically a commodore in charge of the detachment that the Fleet Admiral sent to assist Petey.)