1:00 pm, Room 3224, "The Motives of War"

Life, The Universe, and Everything

This coming Thursday, Friday, and Saturday is Life, The Universe, and Everything 2005, the Marion K. "Doc" Smith Symposium on Science Fiction and Fantasy at Brigham Young University.

I am SO there.

Many of you have asked for a schedule of events. The full schedule can be found here. My own, personal schedule is as follows (all rooms are in the Wilkinson Center):

Thursday, 17 February
10:00 am, Room 3222, "Crispier, Crunchier Writing"
Panelists are Kathleen Dalton Woodbury, Michael R. Collings, Jerry Pournelle, Linda Adams, Howard Tayler, and Stacy Whitman.
Yes, I'm on a panel with Jerry Pournelle. I'm going to wet myself.

1:00 pm, Room 3224, "The Motives of War"
Panelists are Dave Wolverton, Eric Swedin, L. E. Modesitt. Jr., Howard Tayler, and LaRene Ellis.
Yes, THAT L. E. Modesitt. Jr.

Friday, 18 February
10:00 am, Room 3222, "Science Writing: What makes a story Hard Science?"
Panelists are Robert J. Defendi, BRook West, Steve Harmon, Howard Tayler, and Jerry Pournelle.
"Hello, Mister, er... DOCTOR Pournelle. I brought spare pants today."

1:00 pm, Room 3222, "Writing for Comics, Manga, and Graphic Novels"
Panelists are Jake Black, Ryan Woodward, Howard Tayler, and Lee Allred.

4:00pm, Room 3224, "Schlock Mercenary Presentation"
This is a solo act. As they say in the stand-up business, "I'll kill, or I'll die."

7:00 pm, Room 3224, "Webcomics discussion"
Panelists are Jake Black and Howard Tayler.
I'll name-drop like crazy so I sound all famous and important. "Kurtz? Great guy. We put away the sushi in San Diego. Total hack, though. Not like Cho. And then there was the time I wet my pants next to Jerry Pournelle this morning."

Saturday, 19 February
9:00 am, Room 3223, "Sequential Storytelling (comics, storyboards, etc)"
Panelists are Howard Tayler, Jett Atwood, Ryan Woodward, and others.

2:00 pm, Room 3222, "Characterization for Writing"
Panelists are Brandon Sanderson, Dan Willis, Shannon Hale, Dave Wolverton, and Howard Tayler.

5:00-5:45pm, Room 3228, Booksigning
Jerry Pournelle, Shannon Hale, James Dashner, and Howard Tayler.
Since I don't have books out (yet!), I'll just be whipping out sketches for the people who came to see Jerry Pournelle.

I plan to be on campus for the whole symposium. If you see me, don't be afraid to ask for a quick sketch. I'm happy to whip them out, provided I'm a) sitting, and b) not sitting in a panel discussion. I love to talk to Schlockers, and won't mind at all if you want to nit-pick the science or haggle over the life and fortunes of your favorite character.

2005 Convention and Appearance Schedule

Feb 16-19: LTUE XXIII, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT
March 22: BrainShare 2005 (at the GWAVA booth), Salt Lake City, UT
April 22-24: Penguicon 3.0, Novi Michigan
May 27-29: CONduit XV, Salt Lake City, UT
July 13-17: Comic-Con 2005, San Diego, CA. (tentative... this one's pricey)
August: Fandemonium 2005, Boise, ID. (tentative)
October 8-9: Revoluticon, Asheville, NC
October 14-16: Linucon 2.0, Austin, TX. (tentative)

Are you interested in having me come to your city? Your convention? Your HOUSE? Pay my way and pay my stay, and we can make it happen. The BEST way is to convince the convention organizers that I'm worthy of "GoH" status, but there are alternatives. Email me if you've got an event in mind.