This Just In! Howard in Boise This Saturday!

Oh No! New Site Design!
entry, Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005

Hey, lookit that. You can read the subject line of today's blog without having to scroll down. I know, I know, most of you are just here for the comic, but every so often I announce things that you might be interested in, and what with the scrolling and stuff, most of you miss it entirely.

Today's announcement is NOT about new site design. After all, I'm sure you could have figured that out without me actually TELLING you about it. You're clever people (not motivated enough to scroll every day, but quite clever.)

No, today's announcement is about the impending availability of the October 31 strip as a high-quality poster from Warehouse 23. When it's ready for ordering, it'll show up right here, where you can also find the existing selection of Schlock Mercenary T-shirts.

The poster measures 8"x17", and is printed on high-quality, photo-satin paper. It'll set you back $10.00, plus shipping, and will arrive rolled up in a hard, cardboard tube.

I recently acquired an Illuminati poster from Warehouse 23, and I can vouch for the quality of their poster prints. This is perfectly suitable for framing.

I'll be doing more posters through Warehouse 23 in coming months, but the big project on my plate right now is finishing the bonus materials for Schlock Mercenary: Volume I. I'm not accepting any commercial work, nor (sadly) fan commissions during the next three months, because the bonus material will be almost like having an additional MONTH of Schlock Mercenary storyline.

That means that in the next three months, I have to write and illustrate FOUR months of comics, plus whatever extra goes into the buffer. But when it's all done, the first book will be off to the printers, and we'll have it back in time for Comic-Con 2006.

In the meantime, you'll have to content yourself with reading Schlock Mercenary online. And hopefully Schlocktoberfest's megalodon motivated you to scroll down more often.

This Just In! Howard in Boise This Saturday!

Sunday I found out I need to be in Boise this weekend on some family business. In the spirit of mixing business and pleasure, I'll be putting in an appearance at Twilight Games from Noon to 6pm this Saturday, November 5th. I'm there to hand out free sketches, sell originals from my portfolio of marker-art, and draw original commissions, including caricatures.

Twilight Games (w/ Ground Zero Anime) is located at 10366 W. Fairview Ave, Boise, ID 83713. It's at the corner of Fairview and Five Mile in the Fairview Plaza West Shopping Center, across the street from the K-mart, and behind the Ace Cash Express & Tobacco Connection Building. I'm told that if you live in or around Boise, these directions make perfect sense.