Impending Infrastructure Upgrade

After more than five years of running on the same, static-HTML page generator with a clever set of blog-scraping scripts under the covers, is going to get an upgrade.

We'll be doing a face-lift at the same time.

As of this writing we're ready to pull the trigger at any moment. And by "pull the trigger" I mean "switch the DNS records." So if you wake up tomorrow and the Schlock Mercenary site has an all-new look and feel, that's what happened. We've already cut the Schlock RSS feed over, and that piece has been updated with spiffy new graphics and (gasp) the presence of blog entries.

This whole operation is only about a year behind when I originally wanted to get it done, and nigh on three years behind when it really should have happened. The good news is that by waiting this long we've managed to get in on brand-new infrastructure, leapfrogging the WordPress/ComicPress implementations that everybody has been using for the last five years. As to whether or not that's a good idea, we'll just have to see.