Back from NEWW

I'm back from New England Webcomics Weekend 2. By way of reporting on it, let me say that I had a great time, was well-treated by the event's hosts and staff, and I sold bunches of stuff. I'm sorry the coloring books didn't last longer, and I also ran out of The Tub of Happiness while there, but those are the sorts of things that happen. 

If you want good run-downs of the event, Mike Peterson of Comic Strip of the Day got some pictures of me, and did a very thought-provoking NEWW report  from the point of view of a long-standing professional cartoonist. Fleen's Gary Tyrrell also did a NEWW report, though his mention of yours truly amounts to an acknowledgement of our evil twin status, and the fact that I'm bald.

I met dozens of neat people. I got to reconnect with Dave Kellett, who interviewed me for a super-secret-or-maybe-not-but-it's-not-my-place-to-say project, and saw David and Maggie Willis again. R Stevens and Meredith Gran were delightful, thoughtful, uber-considerate hosts. I seriously cannot say enough nice things about how they treated all of us. And the list of great webcartoonists I got to hang out with is twice the length of my arm. Expect a couple of recommendations from me in the weeks to come.

Mostly, though, I got to meet some New England Schlockers and hook them up with Boxed Set Bundles, and a few stray single books. I also did some commissioned sketches, and I'm down to my last ten Series One Sketch Cards.

I don't have my luggage back yet, but I'm sure it'll show up sometime this morning. It took a trip to New York City, maybe to catch a show. I'll ask my bags when they're back.