2012 Calendar Pre-Orders are Open

Pre-Orders are now open for the Schlock Mercenary 2012 Calendar, which features the first twelve maxims from The 70 Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries.

We are also opening pre-orders for the 2nd edition of Schlock Mercenary: The Blackness Between. This was the second book we ever put into print, and we did enough color-correction, typo-fixing, and assorted editorial repair that we decided it merited an edition bump instead of just being called the second printing.
The Blackness Between, 2nd ed., is just $15, and can also be obtained with a sketch for an additional $10
The pre-order period is only going to be about two weeks long. If you want a sketch, or if you want a calendar, please don't hesitate. Everything else we plan to keep in stock, but calendars and sketch editions are limited.
There's other new stuff too, but before I get to that, let's talk bundles: We've created the " Reprint Pack," which gets you Under New Management and The Blackness Between together for just $20. This may be the perfect way to hook a friend on Schlock Mercenary, and is certainly a great Christmas present for that unsuspecting science-fiction fan in your life.
And yes, if you think your friend (or you) might like a sketched book, I'll sketch The Blackness Between in that bundle for an additional $10.
More new stuff: 
  • Patches, which come orange or in olive, and the olive versions have an option for velcro backing. These are $4.00 each for the plain and $5.00 with the velcro.
  • "Corrosive Agent" mugs which come with their own, handle-mounted ceramic spoon. Extensive product testing on my part has shown the spoon to be microwave safe and super convenient. These are $15.00.
  • Maxim 1 Discharge-print tee-shirts -- we had these before, we got them again, and we managed to get some 5XLs in this run.
  • Dice! We've got dice again! We only have the orange ones, though. They're $1.50 for singles, or $6.50 for a set of six.