Webcomic Shopfest

Thank you for a fantastic weekend, which Sandra and I (and several heroes of mine) spent shipping packages full of calendars, mugs, t-shirts, and books. Meat, as they say, is back on the menu, and we didn't have to kill an orc for it.

Moving right along... I know that in spite of its runaway popularity my merchandise does not appeal to everyone. That's okay. Some of you have other interests. In the spirit of appealing to that particular some-set, here is some other webcomic storefronts you might not be aware of, and much of what's offered from these varies pretty wildly from what I purvey.

My personal favorites on the list above? Dispatches From Wondermark Manor, Spacetrawler, and the Unshelved Freedom Fighter bags. But it's all wonderful stuff.

This is by no means a comprehensive list -- these are just friends and peers with whom I've swapped email recently. Have you found something awesome from a webtoonist? Something you think we should know about it? Post a link in the comments below!