Maximally Digital, a Dozen Times

As promised, the PDF version of Maxims 13 through 24 is now available.

This PDF does not include the day-and-date calendar pages. If you've gone digital, you probably already have a digital calendar you use. Why clutter the PDF with stuff that will be dated, literally, within a few months?

This PDF has the twelve maxim pages, and includes a link to the desktop wallpapers for all twelve maxims. The wallpapers are available in five different aspect ratios, which account for dozens of screen resolutions -- easily 95% of the ones that Google Analytics tells me you fine folks are using. 

This example is from the 1080p version - lots of clear space for icons and stuff. That markered background? It's static (though with color variations) across all the wallpapers, so if you run a slide-show for your wallpaper it's very easy on the eyes. I've got mine rotating every 3 minutes, and it's delightful.

If you've purchased a print version of the calendar, you'll be getting access to these wallpapers with your package. The URL is printed in your calendar! You'll also be getting access to the PDF. This is how I think digital media should be handled for print buyers, and because we are the publisher and retailer for the calendar, hey! We can handle it this way! (We can't yet do it with the books for contractual reasons, but it's something we're looking into.)

Did you miss out on Maxims 1 through 12 in the 2012 calendar? Fear not, we've made that PDF available too.

The Maxims 1-12 and Maxims 13-24 PDFs are each just $10, and they each give you access to all the wallpapers I've made for those maxims. 

Note! Our storefront does not automatically email you your download.

You can access your download immediately by logging into your account at the store, but if you don't want to do that, just be patient. An actual human being (Sandra, who is a FINE EXAMPLE of an actual human being) must click on each and every order to authorize the system to mail you the link to your stuff. Yes, this is silly. No, we can't code around it. Yes, we've whined to our provider.