2014 Calendar Pre-orders are Closing!

We will take delivery of the 2014 Monthly Calendars today, which means it's time for me to start drawing in them. In the interest of front-loading this operation, I need to know exactly what I'm drawing, and how many of it, and for who.

That in turn means we're closing the sketch edition ordering. You have about a day before Sandra gets around to that. You can still buy lots of other things, though, including the last few Munitions Canister I sets. We even have those bundled with calendars

Ordering for the digital-only versions (a PDF of the cover and the maxim pages, along with links to the wallpapers -- the monthly grids aren't included in the PDF because they're not particularly useful in that format) will open this coming Monday. Note that if you order a print version, the PDF and the wallpapers are included, so as much as I love getting paid for the same work twice, please don't pay us twice for the same merchandise.