300 II: Abs on the Rise

Today I saw a not-very-good movie. Yes, I'd like the two hours back. If the film has any redeeming value whatsoever it's that it's inspired a bit of interest in the actual history -- history that does not involve oiled men sword-dancing when they're supposed to be fighting. 

In the interest of saving you some time, I'll say this: I have a new least-favorite movie of the year, and this io9 review is more fun to read than the film was to watch. As an added bonus, that review saves me the trouble of attempting to catalog the film's sins, which were many. Just turn it into a petition and let me sign it.

I saw the 3D version, and while it technically adept they kept trying to make me think I had blood in my eye. Which I probably would have ended up with, had I allowed myself to weep on behalf of Greco-Persian war historians.