A Case of Attempted Identity Theft?

Last year you people did something cool for Sandra's birthday. At my request, you raided her Amazon Wish List, and provided stuff that my current income couldn't. It really was wonderful. A month later at Sandra's request, some of you who follow her Live Journal or the Nightstar Forums raided MY Amazon Wish List. Again, you provided what our family's income could not. Naturally both Sandra and I blogged about your generosity. And between us our blogs reach well over 10,000 people. A couple of months later, I forget exactly when, we noticed that there was a wish list for "Sandra Tayler" in Pleasanton California. Between April 1st and April 4th of 2005 it got filled with 88 items, and the list has not been updated since. Most of these items looked like "guy" stuff. Now I'm not going to rule out the possibility that there is a guy in Pleasanton whose name is Sandra Tayler, but I'm leaning heavily towards "somebody is trying to misappropriate the generosity of my fans." If you want to have a look for yourself, by all means, you be the judge. I'm not asking you to buy stuff -- Sandra's birthday has passed, and we got on just fine without piles of goodies. But if you ever DO decide you want to buy stuff for Sandra Tayler, please make sure you've got the right one. I'd hate to think that your act of kindness is getting hijacked by some greedy, no-account punk who doesn't want to have to pay for his X-box habit.