A-Kon 18: Day 0

Chibi SchlockChibi TagonDetailing my travel from Salt Lake to Dallas would bore you, so instead I'll show you the crap I drew on the plane. See, my portfolio was kind of empty following CONduit, and I had to put something in it.

Chibi Kevyn
Canonically there's no reason for these. I suppose I could treat them as character re-designs from the Magic Dreamland series, but I'd rather not bother just now. Mostly I was screwing around with the chibi form.

Chibi Elf

I really like the way Ennesby turned out. He's much more interesting and expressive this way.

Chibi EnnesbySo... no travelogue, other than a quick shout out to Alexis who picked me up at the airport. Thank you!

Thursday was pretty much "day one" of the convention. I did $35 worth of sales from my choice location at the base of the escalators, and I met Kevin Smith of Clerks fame. Either that or I met somebody who was claiming to BE Kevin Smith, taking cosplay to a very, very impressive level of impersonation during the course of a 15 minute conversation.

If it was Kevin Smith, then he's got a couple of scratch-and-dent Schlock books to peruse. If it wasn't, then the impersonator won a prize for his work.

The place was crowded -- REALLY crowded. The line for pre-reg badges ran around the entire 1st floor of the convention center, and the cosplayers were already out in force.

I ran into some old friends on Thursday - Newton Ewell was there setting up, and Jennie Breeden (the hardest working woman in webcomics) was already set up and hawking wares. Jennie saved my life with a bag of trail mix, and then wrangled an invitation for me to join her and some concom folks for late sushi. Wolf, Sunshine, Drew, Valos, Tenchi, and the apparently legendary Sid - thanks for having me out with you!

And then it was Friday...