A-Kon 18: Day 3

Technobabble cosplays as ElfSunday morning came early. I felt this pressing need to do enough selling to finish paying off the markers I'd purchased on Saturday, so I headed downstairs and got straight to work.

I was almost immediately greeted by a costume that put a smile on my face for the entire day. The beautiful young woman to the right, who goes by "Technobabble," showed up dressed as Elf.

I've been accused of writing a "Mary Sue" in the case of Kevyn's romance with Elf (supposedly I'm writing my own fantasies into the story with myself as the main character.) It's not true, but I'll never succeed in convincing some folks of that. Oh, and if attractive females like Technobabble continue dressing up as my characters I'm going to end up with a bit of a complex.

This is only the second time I've seen a Schlock-themed costume. I hope the thrill never wears off. Some of you have entrusted rather large chunks of your imagination to me, and nothing drives that home more than an enthusiastic cosplayer.

I did some random doodling, attended the Banquet for a little bit, and then started work on a piece featuring Doctor Edward Bunnigus and Sergeant Schlock. Canonically, I think this would fit somewhere in the back-story, when the good Doctor first showed up with the cast.

Bunni and Schlock

"Back" story indeed. Sorry about that. I couldn't resist.

The marketing panel was a good time. Tony Brownrigg and I swapped anecdotes, and discussed all sorts of good (and bad) marketing tactics with Brian Glass from White Wolf. Afterwards I stood in the hall and chatted with Tony, Dwayne the prestidigitator, and a few of Tony's fans. I totally ditched the "Collaboration" panel, because collaboration isn't really something I do.

Oh, the irony in THAT last statement. My last job title at Novell (it's been almost three years now!) was Collaboration Product Line Manager. Granted, the panel and my old job were two completely different topics, but still... I see irony.

As things began to wind down, I realized that I was suffering from a horrible mix of emotions. On the one hand I was really quite ready to be home with my family again. Traveling is like that. But on the other hand I didn't want the convention to end. I wanted to be able to imagine that even if I went home, A-Kon would still be there waiting for me (and you), sitting as a mecca for umpty-dozen flavors of geekdom in downtown Dallas.

I'll spare you the travelogue here at the end. Suffice it to say that I DID break even, I WILL be posting auctions for the unsold marker pieces, and A-Kon totally rocks. Should the right opportunity knock, I'll be back at this particular Anime convention before you can say "Everything is Bigger in Texas."