A-Kon 18: Where to Find Me

A-Kon 18Thursday morning I hop a flight to Dallas. I'll be offline for most of the weekend, so if you need to reach me... well, you can't. Not unless you're coming to A-Kon.

Here's a link to the A-Kon schedule. My participation is as follows:

Noon: Being a Successful Artist with Randy Milholland, Jin Wicked, and Brian Denham in State Room 1 (CC-3)

4:00pm: Speaking of Schlock, in which yours truly expounds on all things Schlock, and evades your questions like only the creator of General Xinchub could.

2:00pm: Marketing Your Product, with Anthony Brownrigg and Brian Glass in State Room 4 (CC-3).

3:00pm: Collaborating with Other Artists, with Paul Benjamin, Brian Denham, Newton Ewell, and Billy Tucci in State Room 3 (CC-3).

I will also be at the banquet, but I'm not sure where that fits in the schedule.

If you're looking for me outside of the times above, you can probably find me in Artist's Alley. I'll be at the head of table A (spot A-11 on the map). I'll have books ($15), Tagon pins ($5), Rule 12, 34, and 37 badge ribbons ($1.00, or free with purchase), and a portfolio of Schlock you can peruse. I'll be doing free pencil sketches, and accepting commissions for between $10 and $50 depending on what you want.

My rule on the commissions - if I think it's too complex for me to finish at the show, I won't do it. I like to send lots of people home with original artwork, rather than spending the weekend on a single masterpiece. Other than that, feel free to ask me for anything. The worst thing that can happen is that I'll say no. (And then blog about it.)