A Minor Technical Matter

I'm hardly a WordPress expert, but I've figured it out to the point that Chupaqueso.com appears to be a successfully configured blogging site. My goals there are two-fold: 1) fry cheese for fun and profit, 2) figure out a blogging engine so I can use something robust under the comic here at Schlock Mercenary. That second point is where the rubber meets the road. For performance reasons, the Schlock Mercenary front page must be static HTML. Wordpress, however, generates pages on the fly with PHP. So there's this minor technical matter... creating a PHP script that calls the Wordpress Loop, and that is called in turn by SOLAR, the updater that spits out HTML for schlockmercenary.com. We're almost there. It's always bad luck to pre-announce things, or give actual DATES by which stuff will be working, but I think that by the end of January I'll have five years of Schlock Mercenary "Open Letters" and under-the-comic blogs back online. Speaking of "online," there's a petition online asking Uwe Boll (rhymes with "Ooooh, my bowels") not involve himself in any more films. Yes, I've signed it. (I suppose one could change the subject to just about ANYTHING using the word "online" as a pivot point. Go ahead and try this at home, kids!)