A Movie For The New Year

I saw two movies yesterday, one on YouTube, and another at the local Cinemark Theater. One was an execrable work with little to recommend it and that said nothing worthwhile. The other was a brilliant piece, artistic and insightful, and worth seeing. And then worth seeing again. The Spirit was gorgeous to look at, but nothing more. Sam Jackson stole every scene he was in, but in this film that's like stealing candy from a baby. I won't bother with a full review, because I would rather you watch something that is worth your time. Validation is a short film from 2006 that my friend Dave Brady shared with his wife, and which she then posted to her Live Journal. It makes me smile, and makes me want to make you smile. Validation, hosted on YouTube - link will open in a new window Watch this film. Get some duct-tape and a ball-gag for your inner cynic, and just watch. If anything can help us pull together through the challenges of the coming year, it is the basic principle taught here. Happy New Year everyone. Smile!