A Quick GenCon Indy Report

Oh. Wow. So this is why there's so much hype. An entire ballroom full of people at tables playing  RPGA-sanctioned games of D&D. And then two more ballrooms full of people playing boardgames. And yet another full of table-top wargamers with beautifully-painted miniatures... and that was at 9:00pm on Saturday. I won't trouble any of you with a blow-by-blow. Suffice it to say that our corner of the Margaret Weis Productions booth was busy, and we sold hundreds upon hundreds of books. I got to be on panels with some of the legends of game design, and managed not to eat much foot in the process. I got to catch up with old friends, and I finally got to meet Skippy of The Skippy List (he is a real person, yes.) My first GenCon was any number of things, but I can say for certain what it was not. It was not my LAST GenCon. Indianapolis, I will be back.