A Schlocky Summer at McMurdo Station

Schlocker Rob "I really should change names to protect the innocent" Jones down at McMurdo Station, Antarctica just provided me with proof that my books have finally made it to all seven continental landmasses. Rob ordered a book for Christmas, and since it was headed to an APO address, Sandra and I stuffed his box a bit fuller than he anticipated. (This is our usual policy -- lots of book orders to Iraq and Afghanistan were similarly upgraded). In return, Rob sent us this delightfully cozy picture of him in shirt-sleeves and sandals, basking in the sub-freezing summer air with his Schlock books. Rob at McMurdo Station Wondering what sketch he got? Computer, Enhance! Close-up on Rob's sketched book Hmmm... Unlike on Television, the technology isn't good enough for me to get the sketch number. But I remember the sketch well enough to give you the other details: Schlock is posing with a penguin and saying "almost too cute to eat... ALMOST." Stay warm, Rob. Thanks for the pictures!