Aaaand thank you for your input

Seriously, thank you. I've yet to see a thread so enthusiastically responded to here at the blog under Schlock.

Granted, most of you missed my point entirely, and shelled the crap out of terrain I won't be attempting to capture or hold until much later in my campaign to take over the world. What I was looking for, specifically, was merchandise I could create with next-to-zero time investment on my part. I want to be able to hand an image which already exists to Sandra, and let her take it from there. Plushies, furniture covers, pewter castings, and compilations of comics not-yet-created do not fall into this category.

No, no... don't bother trying again. I have the information I need. Expect to see new merch in a few days. We'll run pre-orders for a little while, and then start sending it out. No, I'm not telling you exactly what it is (rhymes with "fee blurts" and "housechads," though.) And yes, your suggestions in the earlier thread are all being considered for future projects. I just can't work on more than a couple of them at a time, and I can't even do THAT until this book is finished.