... aaand pre-orders are CLOSED

Pre-orders for "Under New Management" are now closed. If you haven't pre-ordered your book yet, well... you can place a regular order when we open the store back up on June 1st. We'd love to keep the pre-order page up a little longer, but in order to handle the mass-mailing, we need to be able to print and sort mailing labels several days in advance of the mailing. We would also love to open regular ordering sooner, but Sandra and I will be at a convention May 27-29, so it'll just have to wait until things have settled ALL the way back down. We expect to begin mailing pre-ordered books on May 18th and 19th. The launch party is on May 20th at Dragon's Keep. Thank you very, VERY much for your enthusiasm. You pre-ordered over 1600 books (I'll have a firm count once we start sorting labels), and guaranteed that a second book will happen (hopefully I can get the next book done in time for October shipment). That in turn ensured that I get to continue this full-time. Thank you. And now, I have work to do.