Addendum, May 5th, 2001, 10pm:

I'm calling this one "O Brother, Why Didn't You Get Tickets for The Mummy Returns." Due to a mix-up with friends at work, they went to the opening night of the first of the real summer blockbusters, and I went with my wife to see something loosely Homeric.

They're still my friends, those chaps at work are. Friends are worth more than movie tickets, more than the cost of a babysitter, more than enduring a movie in which not a single 8,000 year old priest returns from the dead and invites a wrestling star to lead an army of the undead (not that I'd know anything about those things--I'm guessing from the previews I've seen).

Hopefully friends are also worth more than the public infamy of the entry. Hi Guys!

In other news, my Nesquik rant was well-recieved, but someone took the liberty of pointing out to me that Nestlé is (apparently) killing babies in third-world countries by foisting profitable baby-formula on folks who would be better off breast feeding. Man, I try to pick somebody harmless to rant against in hopes of being truly controversial, and then I find out that there's a real issue hiding in there behind a mask of corporate greed.

Click here to read about why Nestlé is evil. I hope you'll understand, though, that I'm not giving up my Nesquik. Step away from the tub of happiness, slowly, with your hands where I can see them.

What? You're still here? Well, then, go read the funniest webcomic I've had the pleasure of being introduced to in quite some time. Krazy Larry is now on my required reading list. The artwork perfectly supports the woo-hah funny. Start with Claw in Mouth, and then dive on in to the rest of his archives. I mean it. Go NOW.

Addendum, May 5th, 2001, 10pm: Well, it looks like there are two sides to every story. Here is Nestlé's page regarding how their marketing of infant formula is done in the third world. Before you jump on the boycott bandwagon, read the defendant's side of the story. Be a good citizen--read both sides of the issue, and then take your own stand. Like I said above, though, I'm not giving up my Nesquik over this--right or wrong. Now I feel a little better about that.

Oh, and I did get to see The Mummy Returns this weekend, after all. Fun, fun, fun.