Alert of potential problem with

Note from Sandra Tayler If you have any difficulties reaching over the next few days, please click over to It has been set up as an alternate location for fans to get their daily Schlock fix. Please spread the word in the event of a problem. That is the important information. Like any good reporter, I've put it first in case people don't care to read the rest of the story. The rest of the story: We are in the process of renewing the Schlock Mercenary domain name. Due to a comedy of errors (some of which are our fault, why did we not take care of this months ago? I keep asking myself this and then remembering exactly how busy we've been for the last three months. That's my excuse. I'm sticking to it.) the renewal may not be complete before the domain expires. We've set up the site so that no one need to go Schlockless while we sort things out. Some of you may remember the domain name snafu of last summer when Howard and I only became aware of the domain expiration after the site went down. We vowed to not let that happen again because that was really embarrassing. So we've improved. Perhaps next time we need to renew the domain, we'll figure out how to do it without a public brouhaha. That would be nice.