Altered Perceptions

Robison Wells is a husband, a father, a friend, a writer, and holds the distinction of being the craziest person I know. He's also directly responsible for me finally getting treatment for some of my own crazy. And unfortunately, he's buried under medical debt.

So a bunch of his writer friends are putting together an anthology for Rob, funded by an IndieGoGo project whose proceeds will go straight to helping Rob out of the debt that his health has left him in (the costs of editing, laying out, and printing the books are being covered by one of Rob's writer-friends.)

My own contribution is relatively short. It's a 1700-word biographical piece that lets you, the reader, ride along in my brain while I'm not thinking clearly. Rob called it "one of the most accurate depictions of mental illness I've read," and he was concerned about putting something so deeply personal in the anthology. I think that anybody who helps Rob with their money deserves to see why I'm willing to help him with my time.

Sandra is contributing a re-write of her "Married To Depression" blog entry, which many people (including many of you) have found helpful.

But many of the writers are contributing things that you just won't find anywhere else -- deleted scenes, alternate endings, and other things from their authorial boneyard

Check out the ALTERED PERCEPTIONS project, and look at the list of who and what will be in it. Then I believe you should pony up $10 for the ebook because there's no way you're not going to get $10 worth of value out of it. You might also check out Dan Wells' post about the project, because he does a better job of describing Rob's condition than I can do.