Amazon has Schlock Books!

sm-unm-1.jpgLong story short: Schlock Mercenary books are now properly listed and available at Amazon.

The only catch is that right now they only have one of each. I'm sure they'll order more as soon as YOU order more, but probably not until then. (I think that they placed their initial order just to see if we could actually, you know, ship them the books. We've shipped over 5000 books to individuals, so sending a few off to Amazon was a walk in the park.)

sm-tbb-2t.jpgIf you've been waiting to order your book (or books) through Amazon, the wait is over. If you've been wanting to put Schlock on your wish-list, now you can. And if you've been dying to write a glowing review of the book(s) you already own, by all means, do so.

Here are direct links to buying Schlock Mercenary: Under New Management and The Blackness Between through Amazon. I mean, you could probably figure out how to click on the images yourself, but why should I take chances?

One final note: You can still buy books from us directly, and that's the only way to get a signed book in the mail.