An Amazon Link for a Friend

Tomorrow many of us writer-types will be blasting links to David Farland's Nightingale. It's a good book, and it's now in support of a rather critical cause. The author's son Ben has been seriously injured, is comatose, and the medical bills promise to be oppressive.

You can, of course, contribute to Ben's care directly.

Also, you can do the shopping you'd already be doing by starting with this link to Nightingale (just navigate around Amazon normally starting from that page.) David Farland's Amazon Affiliate account is built into that exact URL, and he'll be getting between 6% and 8% of whatever you spend.

Dave is a friend of mine, has been a personal mentor to hundreds of my friends and fellow writers, and an inspiration to thousands. Whether or not you know him, as a favor to me, please use his Affiliate Account instead of mine. I don't have access to build Amazon links with his account, so bookmark that Nightingale page for now.

You've been very generous with me this last month. Even after we ship all these coins, my family's needs are met for at least the next six months. The very least I can do for my friend Dave is turn a portion of my ad revenue his direction, but I can only do that with your help.