And Now, A Happy Dance

Last Monday I did a rather foolish thing. I tweeted that if I could finish an entire week of comics in one day, I would do a happy dance. The tweeps returned fire with "pics or it didn't happen," and then I compounded my foolishness with the announcement that I would post a video if I could get a whole week's worth of Schlock Mercenary done by 7:00pm. 

The dance is quite short. It can be found here.

Three days later, on Thursday, I repeated the feat: I scripted, penciled, and inked an entire week of Schlock in just one day. That time, however, I was so wiped out by the effort that no dance was possible. 

As it turns out, a fan of Writing Excuses had solved that problem for me a day earlier by creating  an animated GIF.

Now I can dance happily, celebrating my mad cartooning skills in an unending loop. I hope this makes you as giddy as it makes me. I also hope the slightly bloaty file size doesn't kill my new hosts.  

I've still got huge amounts of work to do in order to finish the Emperor Pius Dei bonus story. Should I complete any particularly herculean tasks in coming weeks, instead of dancing I'll just load this GIF at home and pretend I can hear the music ("End of Line" by Daft Punk.)