And Now, Some 31st-Century Fast Food

I love good Fan Art, and this chupaqueso and Tacobufa cup (complete with fiddly-bit) are good enough to eat. Or drink out of. They come to us from Sarah K., who writes:

I recently bought the box set. When I realized I had my very own fiddlybit I just had to do something fangirly for you. When re-reading the series in book format I saw the recipe for Chupaquesos and was inspired. I wasn't surprised to find that other folks online had the same idea so I brought it up a notch ... I created the logo in Illustrator with the slogan from a banner hanging near Brad when he was waiting in line to get some grub back in the early days.

The fiddly-bit in question is the user-installable hypernode included with each boxed set (" Munitions Canister I" in the store.) Note that hypernet service varies in cost by provider, and may not be available in all areas (and certainly not during the early 21st century.)