And Now There's A Ninja in MY Garden

Garden Ninja Studios is offering a new licensed product. You know you want one. [caption id="attachment_1385" align="alignleft" width="248" caption="28mm "Sergeant Schlock" by Melissa Mayhew and Drew Olds"]28mm [/caption] Sculpted by Melissa Mayhew, each miniature is hand-painted by the Garden Ninja himself, Drew Olds. And they're available now. There are only about 120 of them. They're the perfect scale for table-top wargaming, and though we don't have a rule-set for them, that's okay. We're sure you can find a way to work everybody's favorite carbosilicate amorph into your collection. If you'd rather paint Schlock yourself, or if you're into the antique-patina pewter look, check out this page for the full set of options and prices on these. While you're over there, check out the other cool stuff that Garden Ninja offers. Their line of Mistborn minis and Goblin Quest minis are on sale for 30% off through January. Update: As of 7:40am Mountain Time there are only sixty of these left (the inventory widget on the site is not accurate.) Garden Ninja Studios has another sixty on order, but that's all they can get between now and the new year.